Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 30 - Building the Coop Marathon (Day 1)

Mom told us she had good news! We are getting an outside coop!

Onxy - "Tell us more mommy!"

Opal - "Pearl, Did you hear? A new coop!"

"Can we go see it now?

"Please, can we see our new home?"

Onyx - "Hey, Ducky & Quackers - Did you hear the good news?"

Ruby - "I bet we get to move in before you do!"

Pearl - "Darn, Others have already told you?"

Yay!!  Mom brought us a cornbread cupcake to celebrate!

Two Rabbit Hutches that we modified for a chicken coop

Finished Product

Inside view - Far end is the nesting box

Lids open and drawers under slide out for easy cleaning

Tomorrow - we build the inner and outer runs.

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