Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 52 - Silkies Adventure

The silkies are starting their own adventures now in the brooder.  We replaced the bottom with non-slip shelf paper to help Amber with her spraddle leg. She's doing much better. The wrap was removed 28 hours later and she's walking like a pro now!

My father wanted a photo of the babies next to a dollar bill to see how small they actually were. 

Jade asks "Hey, Amethyst.. whatcha think we can buy with this money?"

The chicks make a MESS eating their baby bird formula. It was added to their diet to help them grow strong. Of course they insisted walking in it while eating. Bath time anyone?

Amber isn't sure which way she needs to face - Mom, help?

After a conversation with R2D2, Amber thinks the X-wing is ready to fly now.

Amber, walking like she never had leg problems!

Amethyst taking a ride on the landcruiser.

Amethyst decided she wants to fly an X-Wing instead.

Amethyst - beautiful blue coloring already.

Jade isn't thrilled with picture time.

Jade tries out the landcruiser.

Jade feels much more comfortable flying the X-Wing as well.

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