Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2 - Comfy... MMMM

Day Two - Settling In
(as dictated by Opal)

Opal - "Cute butt, huh?"

Pearl - "Sexy Legs, uh-huh!"

Opal - "Yeah, Okay, So I eat alot..."

Ruby - "Ain't I Perty?"

   Today, I awoke and didn't remember where I was. It was much lighter and warmer than it had ever been. Man did I sleep good! I got up to see that Onyx and Pearl were already eating breakfast. Ruby was still knocked out, so I gave her a nice peck and wake her up. She yelled at me, but who cares.. it's a new day! Things to do, things to peck, places to poop.  The human girl came down as soon as we were all finished with breakfast and took our water away! What?!? How does she think we are going to survive without water? After much discussion with the group on how we might escape to find water, our fears are eased when it's brought back. Pearl stopped freaking out as soon as it was set back down (she's still a scardy chick, as Onyx calls her).   Then the human girl told us it was time to get our big girl beds - whatever that means. She reached in and started removing the white floor!  Wow! What was this???

This floor was so soft! Perfect to snuggle right into and take a nap! The four of us had to have a few tastes of it and Ruby found a nice big ol' piece to run with. We laughed and chased her round and round until we exhausted ourselves. Then we had a great big ol' nap!

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