Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 5 - The Roost

Day Five - Mom, we are still too young!
(as dictated by Onyx)

Onyx - Pictures again?

Pearl - My best Bald Eagle look

Opal - I don't wanna sit still!

Ruby - Hurry, I wanna fly again!

As I peaked out of our coop and watched the others misbehave during the photoshoot - I noticed that Ruby flew! She flew not only once, but twice! And really far too! She went crazy and flew all the way from the bright box to mommy's lap! It was amazing!  After mommy finished our photoshoot, she moved our walking stick up and it seemed like it was floating in the sky! She told us that if we were going to try to fly, we might as well try to see if we can land on the "roost".  

It was pretty scary to see that "roost" floating in the air!

I had to take a closer look at it...

Opal and I took turns running back and forth playing limbo under it once we got used to it!

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