Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 3 - What is This???

Day Three - Wheat Grass, Grit and Owies!
(as dictated by Pearl)

Pearl - "My butt hurts :("

Ruby - "Can you say cheep?"

Opal - "Yumm, chicken poop!"

Onyx - "Another picture?"

Today we woke up to a nice fresh jug of water (again!) and some quacks from the other room. The ducks that are in the other room (I sneaked a peek at them yesterday.. teehee) were in full form and chattering away as our mommy (who she said she'd like to be called) freshened up our food and water dishes.  (Mommy said the ducks were getting ready to start their own blog too!) Mommy sat and talked with us and then left. It seemed like forever before she came back! I was kinda getting used to her sitting near our cage and talking with us all day. We mostly slept and practiced our scratching. Onyx is really good at it, except she tends to fling it right into our water most of the time.

Mommy came back finally and told us that it was time for us to try a new treat! She gave us some green stuff. It was tiny and looked funny. We all agreed to ignore it for quite a while while mommy just sat there and talked with us. Mommy also put something else in a small pile near our food bowl. Again we were going ignore it.  Mommy left for a while and I got brave. I decided to go check out the green stuff. Wow! It was yummy! Before long all three of us were eating this wonderful stuff! Opal was brave and went to check out the pile of other stuff and decided that it was great for scratching in. Mommy came back down and was happy that were were eating the green stuff. She explained to use that it was wheat grass and it was good for us. She told us that the other stuff was grit and that we needed to eat it as well to be able to process the wheat grass. As soon as she told us that, we went nuts!
Yumm!! Grit!

Here I am supervising and making sure that no-one is a grit hog.

Onyx was nice enough to scratch away some of the bedding so we could pick at it all we wanted!

While mommy was watching us, she noticed that I had poppy stuck to my bottom (Can you say EMBARRASSED!)  She got me out and I held really still while she tried to wipe it away. I only cheeped a few times and next thing I knew, I was getting feathers ripped right outta my butt!! It only hurt for a second, but at least all the poppy was gone.  I sure won't let that happen again!  I think I was just a bit stressed out by all the changes within the past few days. I'm going to try to be braver so everyone will stop calling me a "scardy chick".

Pearl - "So embarrassed by my bare butt"

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