Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 4 - Scratchin Fools

Day Four - Look at me mommy!
(as dictated by Pearl)

Onyx - Lookie at my wings!

Pearl - Places to go, things to peck

Opal - Look Ma, tail feathers!

Ruby - Tall and Proud Chick

Today our mommy accidently overflowed the feeder and we got to place "king of the hill!"  Onyx taught us all how to scratch it out, it was tons and tons of fun!  

We had a civil meeting and decided who would go first.

Onyx won the straw draw and hopped right up and taught us how to scratch it out!

Next Opal jumped up there and explained the finer arts of pecking.

Next it was my turn! Onyx and Opal had already cleared out most of the feed.

This made me mad! Step back ladies and I'll show you what *I* can do with my wings!

Crap. Onyx is telling mom on me for being a show-off. 

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