Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 6 - Onyx learns to roost

Day Six - Look at me Mom!
(as dictated by Onyx)

Ruby - What's that?

Onyx - See ma, holding still!

Opal - Gotta Run

Pearl - I can pose like Opal too!

Today, I finally figured out how to get up on the roost! It's so much fun flying around our home! Ruby does it too, but she's scared to land on the roost. Pearl and Opal are still stretching out their wings and don't really fly yet. Silly twins. It's so much fun!

See Girls, you spread your wings and land like this!

Anyone else gonna try?

Oh well, I'm so proud of myself!

Wow.. all that flying is exhausting. I think I'll sleep here tonight.

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