Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 1 - Meet the Jewel Chicks

Opal - Delawre
Onyx - Barred Plymouth Rock

Pearl - Delaware

Ruby - Buff Orpington

Day One! Coming Home!!

(As dictated by Onxy)

We arrived at the post office in Lawrence Kansas early this morning and were very glad to get out of that loud transport!   Our first glimpse of the world outside that cramped box was a big eye peeking in at us. The box quickly closed and and we began moving again. Will this ever end? The transport stopped again and after a few minutes, the box opened again.  The big hands grabbed Pearl and took her away! She screamed and screamed! I could hear her moving farther away. Next the big hands grabbed Ruby! She was taken away. I never heard her. The big hands came again and I scuffled to the edge of the box. Oh no! They got me! I was carried by a human girl just a few feet away and next thing I remember is my nose getting stuck into some water. Oh glorious water! I drank several big glups and looked around. There was Pearl and Ruby!  Hello! Hello! Pearl was still screaming, but Ruby ran over to me and started to tell me what she'd seen. She noticed that there was a huge circle of warm light on the other side of where ever we were and it felt good! As I start to follow Ruby, Opal is dropped off by the big hands. She takes a nice long drink and the four of us gather under the warm light and discuss the events of the morning. The human girl and now a human boy sit next to us and tell us that this is our new home. They tell us that we will be very spoiled and they hope we like it here. We can understand them just fine, but I explain to Pearl, who has still not stopped screaming, that it's going to be ok - they just can't understand what we are saying. It takes Pearl a couple of hours to calm down, but me, Opal, and Ruby do our best to show her where the food it. She continues to scream while she's eating, but we know it will end soon. She's just a scardy chick! 
Our home for the first day after we were born. We came all the way from Missouri!

Discussing with Ruby ways to shut Pearl up!

We have an intervention and tell Pearl she needs to calm down! You see her  standing on the feed dish acting all high and mighty.

Finally, we all settle in and start to explore our new home!

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